Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

We were inspired by the artworks displayed throughout the neighbourhood showing appreciation for our healthcare workers. This collective sense of community inspired us to initiate this campaign with lawn signs to colour our neighbourhood lawn whilst raising money to help local hospitals fight COVID-19.

Are you making money from this?

No. All proceeds will be donated to local hospitals.


How will the deliveries be made?

We aim to deliver via bike throughout South Surrey- lowering our carbon emissions, making this an eco-friendly project as well. However, this is subject to change depending on how the deliveries go.

Where is the money going?

Upon ordering the signs, donator can choose where they would like their proceeds to go to. Currently, the donator will have the option to donate to either:

   -Surrey Memorial Hospital's COVID-19 Response Fund

   -Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary Society

If I order my sign, how fast can I get it?

We aim to deliver all signs via bike to reduce carbon footprint. We are currently looking to deliver within 2-4 days depending on the number of orders.

Are you affiliated with any political organizations?

We are simply a group of local students trying to help, not branching from any existing organizations.

Can I recycle the yard signs?

Our yard signs can be recycled- but not in your regular home recycling bin. We hope you will consider keeping the yard sign as a keepsake or repurpose it to be made into other items. For inspirations on ways to up-cycle, you can visit our tab, "Recycle Me". 

Can I get involved?

Yes, all that you could give! If you want to help out in any way please contact us by clicking here! We really appreciate any and all form of help.

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